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I fkin love my friends, and i have an amazing life.

Lets start with friday. Started off with work. Pretty ;ame, got there, worked for 3 hours, went to julians to get my bike, find out he JUST left, went home, realised i left my phone charger at work, drove all the way back, then got home, and the fun began :)

So momma drives me to braintree, I ride the train to allisons stop, we go to coldstone creamery, have the most amazing ice cream ever, then go to harvard square, get some sushi, go to lansdown street, find out every club is friggen 19 plus so allison can get it, got back home, get some tea, sit on the fire escape, throw goldfish crackers off the fire escape onto a random car that was down there, go to bed.

Saturday, wake up, allison is at work, take a shower, roam bosotn for a bit, allison comes back, we go home, get picked up by kevin, went to tedeskis and splayed scratch tickets, stopped at michaels then the mall, meet up with keith, mandy, and emily, go to chilis cause aparantly fridays in norwell is closed, kieth drives allison back to the train, drives me home then i go back to sams then go home and go to bed.

my last 3 days in 3 paragraphs. This was my one sleep in day too and kieth called me and woke me up asking if i wanted to work.. but i mean time and a hlf so whatever.

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I had a really weird dream last night. It involved walking through the woods with sam, and him giving me a ride home on my sewing machine, Then going to my friend matts "new house" and it was weird cause the walls could move over and you could barely tell where the doors were because they were panneled walls, and he said "and this is my room" and pointed to the wall where there was a chair and a small ironing board, and i was like "wtf your bed is an ironing board?"(in my head) but then he moved the wall over and there was a complete other room where his sister (i dont even know if matt has a sister) was sitting on a couch feeding her baby watching tv. And that was supposed to be his room.

It gets weirder...

Then we start to wander through boston cause I have to go to target before I go home, and on the way we pass a really bad car accident, and 2 of the girls are being treated by medics, and screaming at the girls who hit them about how they will never be able to do stuff like walk and go shopping cause they had like holes in thier stomache. THEN as we continue to wander, we see this guy on the roof of a building, then jump off and kill himself, followed by another guy who was supposedly little john.

Yup. Im fucked.

But anyways, shit has been normal lately.


i want an invitation

umm i stretched my ears today. Its helping take away from the back pain. It made a nast pop when then went in cause they are like made of rubber kinda. But aparently my spine is twisted in 2 places and my hips are out of place. sucks cause i cant do anything but im glad i have the amazing friends i do that go out of their way to do things to make me feel better (allison and paul).

I have to go to work at stop and shop. and im kind of in an awful mood. I'm too friendly and forgiving of people that I don't always remeber that everyone isn't and I expect people to be like my instant best friend and then when they arent i get discouraged but its my own faul for thinking the way i do. i feel like suck a loner today.

Im going to relate myself to the weather, its sunny outside and beautiful but its still a bit humid due to the face that it rained this morning.

Does that make sense to you? probably not, but it means the world to me.

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tonight when i was walking into my house i found a little froggie hopping around by the steps and he was cute so i picked him up and played with him :) an excellent way to end my night i must say!

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i dont even know what to do with myself..

So yesterday was pink!! a much anticipated show..maybe too much. On the way there on the train i did an armpit check an realized somehow i totally forgot to wear deoderant. I dont even remeber the last time that happened. So i had to buy some at 711 when i got there and then I just left it in the bathroom at mcdonalds.
Then at the show I could actually see for once. I dont know if it was the overwhelming around of 13 year olds or the huge platforms i was wearing that absolutely destroyed my feet by the way. Bust seriously, the whole crowd was either 13, thier parents, or homos. And I felt like a homo cause i was having a good time singing along and then i looked around and realized the crowd i was in. I got some great pictures though!!

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and mroe this way...
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I really don't fit in


I want to get the hell out of this town. Or find cool people like me.

I know i few, but sometimes they are so out of reach.

and paranoia gets the best of me all the time.